Everyday Fall Makeup

With it being early November, fall is undoubtably upon us. (Some might claim it’s over, but we won’t pay any mind to those people). Fall is definitely my favorite time of year. Leaves are changing colors and the temperature drops from an unbearable level to a comfortable sweater and boots weather. Everything about fall is just pretty and cozy.

Since about mid-September, I’ve been wearing the same makeup, which I decided to share. To me, this makeup just screams fall.

fall makeup

For my eyes, I use MAC’s Amber Lights all over my lid, Bronze in the crease, and Vanilla under the brow bone. I love the combination of these colors, Amber Lights is an orangey-brown color that sort of reminds me of the color of leaves (is that weird?). Bronze is a gold-brown color that brings down the intensity of Amber lights and makes the look totally wearable.

labeled pallet

After eyeshadow, I like to tight line my eyes with my Sephora eyeliner, which, is by far the best eyeliner for your waterline.  It stays better than any high-end brand I’ve tried. For mascara, I’ve been layering my CK One (which apparently got discontinued recently ): poo) and my Maybelline Falsies. I feel like the two together just gives me the length and volume that I want. After that, I fill in my eyebrows with my Benefit Brow Zings.

To finish the look off, I wear a subtle purple lip. I love the look of dark plum lips on people, but I personally don’t think I can pull it off for the life of me, so I go for a more subtle version.

cropped lipstick

The color I’ve been obsessed with is Plum Velour by Revlon. The color is really buildable, so you can go as light or dark as you please. I’ve been wearing it dark enough to tell it’s plum, but light enough that it’s wearable when I’m going to class. 

As far as makeup for the rest of my face, because I’m lazy and running late for class most days, I won’t apply much face makeup if any. I’ll cover any blemished with my Benefit Boi-ing and set it with my Rimmel Stay Matte.

What is your go to fall look?


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