Airport Essentials

airport essentials

The holiday season is quickly approaching, which also means that for many people, travel season is also approaching. Whether you’re heading home to see family, or headed off on a well deserved vacation, there’s a good chance you’ll be on a flight soon.

Since I go to school out of state, holiday season for me means countless hours stuck in airport security as I travel back and forth between the Midwest and the East Coast. With Thanksgiving approaching quickly, I thought I would write down my carry on essentials. Hopefully this helps you if you’ll be traveling soon!

  1. Big Purse-The one I am using is a medium Longchamp Le Pliage in the color navy. What I love about this bag is how roomy it is, and how sturdy it is, I never have to worry about it while it goes through the security scanner.
  2. Phone- This one is a given.
  3. Laptop- I always carry on my laptop with me, that way I know it is protected and won’t get damaged.
  4. Earphones- Helps the time pass faster.
  5. Makeup- Once again, I feel safer when I have my makeup with me. I would rather it be safe than it get lost or broken. To hold my makeup, I’m using a standard travel-sized liquids bag from Sephora, but any plastic bag will do.
  6. Gum- Not really an essential, but it does help your ears not to pop, which makes it pretty useful.
  7. Wallet- Definitely don’t want to leave this behind.
  8. ID- I use my passport for my ID at the airport, mainly because my driver’s license picture is awful and looks nothing like me. My little pink holder is from H&M.
  9. Book or Magazine- Long flights can get boring, so having something to help keep you occupied is always nice to have.
  10. Oil Blotting Paper- I don’t know about you guys, but flying just makes my skin feel disgusting and greasy. Blotting paper helps to take grease away, making the gross feeling also go away.
  11. Chapstick-Basically a life essential for me.
  12. Tissues- Never know when you’ll get the sniffles.
  13. Chargers- Whether it’s for your phone or laptop, layovers are a great time to charge your devices so they don’t die mid-flight.
  14. Snacks- How about that airline food? (Expensive and usually gross, lol) I usually keep a granola bar in my purse anyway, but I make sure I have one or two packed while I’m traveling. Ain’t nobody got time for overpriced airport snacks.

If you’re traveling soon, I hope you have a safe flight and a fun trip to wherever you’re going! xx


3 thoughts on “Airport Essentials

  1. Recently discovered your blog and I love it! This post is great! I usually like to wear makeup to the airport or where ever it is I’m going and if I feel like it I’ll take it off with some makeup remover wipes.


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