Foreo Luna Mini First Impressions

I had been wanting to try out a Luna for the longest time, but the price always puts me off. Like they range from $99 to $199, so I kept telling myself I’d wait and ask for it for Christmas. While looking around at the Nordstrom sale, I saw the original Luna Mini was on sale for $74, and I had a $10 Nordstrom Note, bringing the price down to $64. Still not cheap, but definitely more affordable. I have been using this for the past four days now, so I thought it would be a good time to share my first impressions! And then after about a month of use, I’ll share my thoughts for how it works long term.

foreo 3

So this is the Original Luna Mini. The difference between the Mini and the normal is the size (the Mini is obviously smaller), the shape of the bristles (the Luna has anti-aging bristles whereas the Mini doesn’t), the speeds (the Mini only has two speed settings the Luna has 8), and the with the Luna, different ones are designed for different concerns, whereas the Mini is for all skin types. My main factor in choosing the Mini was obviously the price, but I also decided that I really didn’t want the bigger size, because it almost seemed too big for my face.

To use the Mini, you press the little button and it turns on, the first setting is the highest, when you press it again it goes to the lower setting, and then one more press and it turns off. I personally don’t find either setting too be too hard or too soft, they’re both still gentle on the skin. The feeling is really weird to get used to at first, cause it almost feels like your whole face is vibrating. But after the second use you get used to it.

foreo 2
Front of the Luna

After one use I could feel my skin was significantly softer, like it was insane. My skin also felt super clean, like more clean that it normally does. Around the third day, I started getting small white heads around my face. This is really normal when you start using a motorized cleaning product, because it’s getting all the dirt from deep down out of the skin, or purging it. On the fourth day I woke up with a few more white heads and a few bigger pimples, but nothing awful.

Since starting this, my pores have become visibly smaller, especially on my cheeks. My skin is so much softer than normal, but not in an irritated way from over-exfoliating. I’ve also noticed my face doesn’t get as greasy as it used to.

foreo 1
Back of the Luna

Final thoughts? If you don’t mind the price tag, go try it out for yourself. If you can get yourself to a Nordstrom during the sale, get this while its discounted. If not, maybe try and get it at Ulta or Sephora during a sale.


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